Gamdias AEOLUS M2-1203 – 120mm Cabinet Fan (Triple Pack)




The AEOLUS M2-1203 LITE 3-in-1 fan pack is capable of acclimating to all your impending needs into a condensed package of bliss. Coming in with up to 30 addressable RGB LED selections, hyper-efficient Motherboard Sync functionality, alongside of its silent operational hydraulic bearing and adequate airflow production — the King of Aeolia enriches your recreational gaming experience like none other.
  • Contains up to 30 adjustable built-in chromatic lighting effects (Including Rainbow, Multi-Color, LED Off, and More!)
  • Supports Motherboard Sync functionality with Addressable 5v 3-Pin RGB Header (ASUS), JRAINBOW Header (MSI), Addressable RGB LED Header (ASRock / Biostar), and Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE)
  • Three 120mm Trio-Ring RGB Fan Pack)
  • Hydraulic Bearing


Addressable RGB LED Customizations

The AEOLUS M2-1203 LITE freshens up your rig with its Trio Ring RGB Fans that contain up to 30 choices of chromatic lighting effects (Including Rainbow, Multi-Color, LED Off, and More) — available for a Lighting Switch Cable  Addressable RGB LED Customizations 1 2 to PC Case Button swap, allowing simple and efficient one-tap effect adjustments that light your battle-station up and guide your team towards the path of victory!


Motherboard Correspondence: One Tap, Sync All!

The AEOLUS M2-1203 LITE retains to its unique motherboard sync functionality: Compatible with Addressable RGB Header (ASUS Aura Sync), JRAINBOW Header (MSI Mystic Light Sync), Addressable RGB LED Header (ASRock Polychrome Sync / Biostar RGB Sync), and Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0) — capable of synchronizing itself with any Motherboard that comes with a 5V 3-Pin addressable RGB header. Initiating a system-wide Motherboard Sync has never been easier with this bad-boy!


Silent Operation & Hyper-Efficient Performance

By utilizing the concept of Hydraulic Bearing, the AEOLUS M2-1203 LITE significantly reduces the clamour produced through the process of fan rotation, while generating hyper-efficient airflow. The divine keeper of the winds provides a quiet, adequate, and an icy-cool gaming environment that one could enjoy.


An Ancient Relic Forged for the Battlefield

By offering a greater flexibility to connect additional RGB components to your rig via a 5V 3-pin ‘Male and Female Connector’ designed specifically for the RGB Motherboard Sync functionality, forging the ultimate RGB gaming battle-station is no longer a fantasy.

2,077.00 5,100.00


Model AEOLUS-M2-1203-LITE
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Lighting Effect 30 Chromatic LED Effects
Motherboard Sync Rated Voltage 5V 3-pin RGB header Only
Trio Ring RGB Yes
LED Number 22
Bearing Hydraulic
Connector SATA
Fan Speed 1200 RPM±10%
Rated Voltage Fan 12V


Fan Speed 1200 RPM±10%
Air Flow 46.7 CFM
Air Pressure 1.31 mmH2O
Noise Level 19 dBA
Package Contents
Fan 3
Mounting Kit Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Note ***Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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